9 Rules to Keep Your Contacts and Eyes Healthy

Nine health rules for eyesAn individual only gets to live life with one pair of eyes. Contact lenses have been a revolutionary aid to those with impaired vision – allowing you to see life clearly and vividly. However, through the improper wearing and care of contact lenses, damage can be done, which is sometimes irreversible. By following these nine rules, you can keep your contacts well maintained and your eyes healthy against the threat of disease and injury.

Rule #1. Make sure you get the right contact lenses for your eyes. Be especially careful not to order lenses without getting an eye check-up and prescription first. Getting the correct lenses is the first step to protecting your eyes.

Rule #2. Wash your hands before handling your lenses, and clean them with the proper solution each time you wear them, and each time you take them out of your eyes.

Rule #3. Replace your contact lens case often. The exposure to solution and air can cause build-up on the case, sometimes invisible to the naked eye. Clean it often and replace the case every few months for best results.

Rule #4. Use proper care when it comes to your contact lens solution. Never use a solution that has passed its expiration date, and never use a solution not recommended for your lenses. It is also advisable to avoid putting your lenses back into a pool of the same solution more than once. Squeeze fresh solution from the bottle each time you take your contacts out.

Rule #5. Be wary about letting your soft contacts dry out. This can cause them to become brittle and un-wearable. If your contacts are not in your eyes, they should be in solution.

Rule #6. Never wear contact lenses past the point advised in the instructions. Disposable contacts have various schedules for wear, and these should be followed exactly, even if you feel the contacts are fine and could continue to be worn for a longer period.

Rule #7. Avoid exposure to smoke and other irritants that can cause build up on your lenses and contribute to dry eyes.

Rule #8. Don’t continue to wear contacts if you feel irritation or pain. Take them out and clean them before trying again. If the irritation persists, contact your eye physician for further instruction.

Rule #9. As a general rule, it is unhealthy to sleep with your contact lenses in. There are exceptions to this rule, such as some contacts made by Bausch & Lomb or Johnson & Johnson that are specifically designed for night wear.

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