Change Appearance with Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lensesWhile the industry of contact lenses continues to grow, you may not be surprised to learn that many people are wearing contact lenses for reasons other than vision correction.

The creation of cosmetic contact lenses has created an entire new market for people looking to not only change the color of their eyes on a daily or weekly basis but also for those looking for something a bit more dramatic.

Today you can find cosmetic contact lenses that do not possess any type of vision correction prescription in them but are used and worn for the mere fashion aspect. These types of lenses are not only different colors for your pupils but they have crazy patterns in them, cat eyes, black with yellow pupils. The list can go on and on.

Many people refer to these types of contacts as theatrical lenses because many times they are used for plays and in many different areas of the entertainment world. Scleral lenses refer to lenses that cover the white part of your eye with patterns and colors and these are perhaps the most dramatic of all.

Vision Blurring

ColorblendsIf you choose to wear one of these designs or even just a color contact you could experience some slight blurring in your vision, especially with patterns that cover your entire pupil. For many people this is a risk they can take for one night of fun, but if you are planning on wearing these contacts on a day to day basis, you may want to consider the less obstructive colour contact lenses.

The ability to change the color of your eyes on a whim is one that we have never had before and more than this it is affordable to everyone. Take advantage of this new contact lens technology.


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