Types of Contact Lenses

Different Lens TypesThere are many types of contact lenses. They differ from each other not only by strength, but by diameter, curvature, and – very importantly – by material.

Spherical contact lenses are the most common type of lens that is fit by eye care professionals. Spherical lenses correct for hyperopia (nearsightedness) or myopia (farsightedness).  They are called spherical contact lenses because there is one consistent curve throughout the lens. Because of this, they do not correct vision for patients with astigmatism.

Spherical contacts are available in many materials, and with a variety of wearing schedules. Lenses can be rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses, also known as "hard" contact lenses, however, most often patients that wear spherical contact lenses are fit with a soft contact lens to provide maximum comfort, clarity, and health of the eye.

Spherical contact lenses are available in a variety of colours as well to enhance, or completely change the wearer's natural eye color.

Toric contact lenses can be used to correct astigmatism. Lenses are also available for presbyopia (multifocal contact lenses).

Daily, Monthly, and Continuous Wear

Some lenses are intended to be used for just one day, while others are intended for monthly use or continuous wear.

It's easy, convenient, and safe to order contact lenses online. On these pages we feature trustworthy retailers who sell original, quality products from major manufacturers. Read the UK contact lenses price comparison.

While you may not be required to send a prescription to the seller, please remember that only a qualified professional can determine what kind of lenses are suitable for your eyes. Contact lenses are not for everybody, and wearing the wrong kind may cause irritation or even permanent damage to the eye.

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