Taking Care of Contact Lenses

Caring for your contact lensesContact lenses have undergone immense developments in the last ten years, with many new lens types appearing in the marketplace. However, it's still as important as ever to take proper care of lenses in order to keep them clean and comfortable and to avoid infections.

The good news is that cleaning solutions have improved as well. Taking care of your lenses is easier and faster than ever, so difficulty is no longer a valid excuse for neglecting proper care.

One solution is often enough

Gone are the days of multiple solutions. A single solution is now enough for almost every contact lens wearer, and those opting for disposable daily lenses can skip the solution altogether.

One multiuse solution can now replace separate liquids for disinfecting, rinsing, and moisturizing. The multiuse solution may also remove irritating protein buildup and form a protective layer on the lens surface for better wearing comfort.

General instructions for cleaning soft contact lenses with multiuse solution:

(Though these guidelines apply to most lens wearers, it’s always best to follow the instructions given by your optician or provided with your solution and lenses.)

Note that most solutions should be used within three months of opening. A multiuse solution may not be suitable for all lenses.

Be extra careful not to mistake hydrogen peroxide disinfection solutions with multiuse solutions. Unless neutralized with a catalyst, they can cause painful and lasting damage to the eye!

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