Safety Precautions for Non-Prescription Contact Lenses

Halloween contact lensesIt has become common in our society to purchase and wear non-prescription contact lenses, whether you want to change the colour of your eye or create a festive look for Halloween.

While this trend may seem harmless at first, the truth is that contact lenses should not be taken lightly. With many of the non-prescription contact lens market comprised of individuals in their teens, the impetus is especially clear to exercise safety and caution when it comes to wearing these lenses. The eye is a fragile organ, and corneal damage can be done if the proper safety precautions are not followed.

Avoid Disreputable Sources and Brands

For an individual considering the purchase of non-prescription, or coloured decorative contact lenses, prudency is the wisest course of action. Make sure you purchase your costume lenses from a reputable source.

There is a hot market for discount contact lenses, but for the safety of your eyes, it is not advised that you skimp on the cost. Some of these discount sellers and brands are less than reputable, and could be the cause of corneal abrasions. If you are set on the purchase on decorative contact lenses, stick with a brand that has a trusted reputation, such as Bausch & Lomb or Johnson & Johnson.

Caring For Your Contacts

Following the purchase of non-prescription contact lenses, it is vital to follow the usual recommended procedures for contact lens care. The same procedures apply for both prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses. This includes cleaning your lenses in the correct manner, both before you place them in your eyes and after you take them out.

Wear them no longer than the advised length of time in the instructions. This is applicable for both the length of time in a day, and the length of time in the contact lenses life span. Never purchase or wear contact lenses that have passed their expiration date.

Novelty contact lenses are a fun way to refresh your look, whether for one night or for a holiday costume party. When you buy your decorative contacts from reputable manufacturers and sources, as well as exercise sanitization caution, you can enjoy a new look and keep your eyes healthy.

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