How to Insert Soft Contact Lenses

InsertIf you are a new wearer of contact lenses, your eye doctor or an optical technician will teach you how to insert and remove the contact lenses before you leave the office with them. The reason that this is done is to demonstrate the proper technique, to avoid damaging the eye or the contact lens during the insertion and removal process.

It is important that the instructions given to you during this time are adhered to. This will prevent any adverse side effects that can come from wearing your contact lenses incorrectly.

When inserting contact lenses, it is important that your hands are clean, and free of lint before inserting the lenses. It is also important that you check the contact lens to be sure that it is right side out, before trying to put the lens in. This can be checked easily by placing the contact lens on the tip of the finger, and then holding the lens up directly in your line of vision to make sure that the contact lens has a perfect bowl shape.

If the edges are flared outward, this means that the contact lens is inside out, and that will need to be corrected before you continue. If the contact lens is inserted while inside out, it will not cause problems with vision, but may not feel comfortable. Many patients describe it as feeling like an eyelash is in the eye.

With the hand that is not holding the contact, pull your upper lid and lower lid open simultaneously, opening the eye as wide as possible. Place the lens on the colored part of the eye, and apply slight pressure to make sure that the contact lens makes full contact with the front of the eye. It can help to look in a mirror, so that you can see exactly where you are placing the lens. After the lens has been placed on the eye, you will pull your finger back, release your eyelids, and blink a few times to help the contact lens find it's ideal position on the eye.  You may also want to use a mirror to check that the contact lens is centered.

Video: Insert Contacts in Five Easy Steps

This video, courtesy of Videojug, will show you how to insert soft contact lenses in five easy steps. We can only add that after drying your hands with paper or cloth, you should make sure there are no tiny dust particles left on your fingers as they could find their way into the eye.

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